Weronika Wałga customer service expert

Weronika Wałga’s career journey from a musician to a machine rental professional

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A smile, strong work ethic, and a positive mindset drive Weronika Wałga’s work as a customer service expert at Ramirent in Katowice, Poland. The open-minded professional’s foray into the machine rental industry however was an unexpected one.

Five years ago, Weronika had just finished her music and philology studies when she realized that her career could take a different path than what she envisioned when she was younger. Without any prior knowledge of the construction industry, she applied for a job at a local Ramirent office. Weronika’s excellent service attitude convinced the recruiter and she got the job.

- I decided to show everyone that I could do well even in a foreign territory. Some customers had their doubts— in fact, some still do — about my qualifications in the male-dominated field, but I have always proved them wrong, she says.

Weronika worked particularly hard to familiarize herself with the construction industry, especially in the beginning. Her hard work did not go unnoticed: After having worked for three years at Ramirent, she was promoted from a customer care worker to an expert. Now Weronika’s job responsibilities have expanded to include in-house training, application development, and e-commerce.

A positive work atmosphere leads to excellent service

While the male-dominated field can be challenging for a young woman, Weronika emphasizes that she was never belittled at Ramirent.

- We have a great atmosphere both at our local and regional offices. We help each other out and genuinely strive to behave as if we are one big family.

Weronika emphasizes the importance of good customer service and equal appreciation for every customer. In her opinion, it all comes down to the good atmosphere at their workplace.

- When we have a good team spirit, our customers feel the positive vibes too. There is a massive amount of positive energy at Ramirent, and it is used well.

Self-confidence goes a long way

Weronika worksfrom 7 am to 3 pm on weekdays. She works on her computer, talks on the phone, or attends face-to-face customer meetings. She says having good organizational skills and a positive attitude help when things get really busy at work.

- I enjoy the action. That is when the working hours are used efficiently, and the day goes by faster. I enjoy my work every day, but on hectic days I am even happier with the work that I do.

Five years at Ramirent have taught Weronika a lot of things. She is thankful for the good advice and encouragement that her colleagues have given her.

- Right when I started working at Ramirent, I received the most important piece of advice. It was about believing in myself. You must know your own value and stand up for yourself in a positive way, Weronika sums up.