Key account manager Rune Martin Olsen

Fighting spirit comes with a warm smile at Ramirent Norway – Rune Martin Olsen is inspired by the healthy attitude and persistent efforts of his colleagues

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Key account manager Rune Martin Olsen has worked at Ramirent Norway since early 2017. He cherishes his role as the link between Ramirent and the customers. He is inspired by the variety in his work life and the great customer service attitude amongst his colleagues.

Changing projects and customers, a wide range of products and generally working in an industry that is constantly evolving further makes each day interesting and exciting for Rune Martin. There is something new to learn every day. As a key account manager, Rune Martin oversees the contract negotiations with Ramirent’s clients across Norway.

- A well-drawn contract sets a good foundation for the partnership: it makes it easy and clear for the sales and customer service representatives to work and interact with the customers, Rune Martin explains.

Fluent communication and understanding are the key to a thriving partnership

Rune Martin also acts as the customers’ first point of contact and helps them to resolve any challenges they might encounter.

- It’s very important to help the customer keep everyone else in their company well informed about the ongoing project with Ramirent. This keeps the business running smoothly and ultimately allows the partnership to thrive, he recognizes.

The very best results are typically achieved through understanding the customers’ needs thoroughly.

- A skilled key account manager should be an excellent negotiator and a fine listener. It takes a lot of patience and active communication with both the client and my colleagues. When the customer is satisfied, we are satisfied!

A healthy can-do mindset makes all the difference

In his four years at Ramirent Norway, Rune Martin has learnt a lot from his colleagues: most importantly the motivated fighting spirit and can-do mindset required to get the job done.

- It wouldn’t exist if we didn’t all enjoy working here. Out of all the companies I’ve worked in, the staff at Ramirent has the best attitude. Even colleagues that have been here for many years are still working hard to deliver first-class results.

- Everyone works diligently every single day to match and exceed the customers’ expectations. We deliver what is expected on time and do it with a warm smile.

Work as a team, win as a team

- Do I work with a smile on my face? Yes, absolutely! We spend so much time at work that it’s important to for it to be fun and meaningful. And I truly enjoy working at Ramirent.

Ramirent’s personnel always try to go the extra mile when dealing both with customers and within the company. The idea is to stand by your colleagues and stand out for your customers.

There are a lot of talented people at Ramirent, who support and encourage each other. I do my part, we work together and everyone’s contribution counts. We function as a team, and we win as a team.