This is Ramirent

Ramirent is a leading company offering equipment rental for construction and other services, the public sector and households. Our mission is to help customers gear up on safety and efficiency by delivering great equipment and smooth service with a smile. We have around 3,000 co-workers and 300 customer centers across nine countries in northern and Eastern Europe (Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland). Ramirent belongs to the Loxam Group, the third largest equipment rental company in the world.

Ramirent has four geographical segments: Sweden, Finland, Norway and Eastern Europe (Poland, Slovakia, Czech, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania). Our core offering consists of Rental and Services.


Ramirent fulfils customers’ local equipment rental and service needs conveniently and cost-efficiently through one of Europe’s largest equipment fleets. The product portfolio consists of a variety of access equipment, heavy machinery, site modules and equipment, light equipment including safety equipment as well as electrical and heating systems. Ramirent also offer Total Solutions that simplify customers’ business. We deliver value throughout the project life-cycle by helping customers move from several suppliers to one organization, reducing costs and lead times while improving safety and efficiency. Customers get more knowledge and industry experience delivered through safe and sustainable solutions, ranging from fall protection, access, climate and power control, waste handling to comprehensive total solutions.


Ramirent complements its equipment rental offering with related services ranging from worksite planning to condition monitoring, on-site support, logistics and fuel services, to safety planning and training.