Sandra Björklund Manager at Ramirent 

Sandra Björklund enjoys a broad view of the construction industry from her vantage point as customer centre manager at Ramirent 

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Customer centre manager Sandra Björklund has a keen business mindset and a passion for teamwork and her staff’s well-being. She has worked at Ramirent Sweden since 2015 and strives to deepen her knowledge even further and master all the tricks of the trade. 

Customer relations and the quickly developing nature of the business are Sandra’s greatest sources of motivation and inspiration at Ramirent’s local depots in Bromma and Värtan, Sweden. 

– I enjoy being involved and witnessing how everything comes together. That is, the whole business logic from beginning to end, and everything in between. It’s very varied and great fun. 

A central team player holding all the threads  Sandra explains the nature and importance of smart management – one should be involved in the daily business and operations as much as possible. This includes concrete tasks such as booking rentals, answering the phone, receiving clients, and driving and operating forklift trucks. 

– All these things show that you are part of the team and don’t just sit and hide in an office. That way there is mutual respect between co-workers, so there isn’t a feeling of “us and them” between management and other staff. 

– You have to be perceptive; things go up and down in the industry and if there are tough days you have to be the one to lift your colleagues’ spirits. 

As customer centre manager, Sandra has gained a broad understanding of the construction industry. She knows the machinery, leads her staff, manages customer relations, and has learnt how best to handle clients. 

– This means you not only handle the daily contact with the client, but you are also a sounding board and the spider in the web holding all the threads. 

Ramirent’s core values put into practise 

Meeting and exceeding customers’ needs and expectations is a core principle of Ramirent’s friendly service attitude. 

Sandra promises to do everything she can to solve a customer’s problem. If that’s not possible on the spot she will find another partner or contact that can help, show the client alternatives, help them find an appropriate solution and provide guidance around the matter. This way the customer doesn’t get passed around and they are able to reach a conclusion together. 

– I believe this reflects Ramirent’s company values perfectly: ”smooth service with a smile”. 

Knowledge is wealth and power 

It takes time and healthy ambition to stay on top of a constantly developing industry. 

In Sandra’s opinion, the most important thing is to use the enormous wealth of knowledge that exists within the company; to really take time to listen, learn from one’s own mistakes and from one’s colleagues. 

– Knowledge is power. I think that’s been the most important take-away for me. Be approachable, help each other and share experiences. It’s a continuous learning curve.