Ramirent Safe Access acquires assets of Monteringsställningar

Ramirent Safe Access AB (RSA), which offers services and solutions in scaffolding, weather protection and fall protection, has acquired the whole asset base of Monteringsställningar AB. The acquisition also includes parts of the ongoing business interests and personnel.

The acquisition strengthens RSA's operations in the region north of Stockholm through new customer relationships and by increasing RSA's presence in previously underserved locations. The transaction also increases RSA's own workforce in the region by eight employees, which allows RSA to decrease the dependence on subcontractors.

I am very happy that we have been able to complete this transaction, which is fully in line with the chosen strategy. RSA offers complete turn-key solutions to its customers and Monteringsställningar's current operations fit very well under RSA. The acquisition will strengthen our position in the area and allows us to serve our existing and new customers even better, says Johan Wallin, CEO of RSA.

Monteringsställningar is a family-owned company, whose HQ is located in Sala, Sweden. The company has historically focused its operations in the region and is well established there.

Through the acquisition the number of hubs of RSA will also increase from two to three. This allows the northern region to be more locally focused and be less dependent on the hub in Stockholm area.

RSA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ramirent AB and has its operations in Stockholm region, Upsala and Mälardalen and Gothenburg. RSA was acquired by Ramirent in 2015 and is among the ten largest companies in scaffolding, weather protection and fall safety in Sweden. The company has its HQ in Brunna outside of Stockholm.

The acquisition was fully completed on June 1, 2022.

For further information: Johan Wallin, CEO Ramirent Safe Access AB Johan.wallin@ramirent.se +46 73 940 12 50

Åsa Frykberg, Head of Communications, Ramirent AB asa.frykberg@ramirent.se +46 31 793 09 44