Susanna Ahlenius

We are introducing our trainees around Ramirent. Susanna joined Ramirent as a trainee, read about her experiences and where she is now. 

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We are introducing our trainees around Ramirent. Susanna joined Ramirent as a trainee, read about her experiences and where she is now. 

- Tell about yourself:

My name is Susanna Ahlenius, and I am 32 years old. I started at Ramirent when I was 25, straight out of University. I am from the countryside in Skåne but moved to Stockholm 7 years ago.

- My background 

I am a Master in business and management (sv. Civilingenjör Industriell Ekonomi) from LTH Lund University

- What did I do in Ramirent during my trainee program?

Our program was divided into different slots for 1-2 months; we all were in different places, and my locations were in the Stockholm region. I had the following:

  • 1 month at group HQ then located in Stockholm

  • 2 months at a CC in the outskirts of Stockholm

  • 2 months at Hoist and scaffolding

  • 2 months at Supply chain in Sweden

  • 2 months at Supply on Group level

  • 2 month in sales

In between each slot, we had a week to meet, evaluate and do some smaller tasks.

- Where am I now?

Now it is  6 to 6,5 years since I left the program. After that, I had a lot of different roles and got a chance to develop a lot in the process. I started working with supply chain development and did many projects around Sweden. Then I got offered to become the logistics manager, a new role for Ramirent, where I got my first team working with transport and movements of machines. When we reorganized the entire department, I got a new position and a new team working with Supply Chain development again. I am best at development, so we decided to let me handle that part fully for all parts, even logistics, and let others run the daily business. Late last year, I changed roles again; the development my team and I had done within the Supply chain had moved a lot into digital development besides the process development and been very successful. So they wanted to utilize our expertise for the entire company so we became digital business development. My steps were not planned more than I just wanted to continue contributing to the development of Ramirent, which has led me to where I am today.

- What made me apply to Ramirent's trainee program? 

I did my master's thesis at Volvo trucks, working with their aftermarket and workshops, and I liked the atmosphere. My co-workers were not stuck up, and communicating with them was simple. So when I saw the trainee ad for Ramirent, it could be the same, and after 7,5 years I can say that it is!

- What is my advice to others thinking about applying for a trainee position? 

All you need is an open mind and a will to learn; you don't even have to like our machines, Ramirent is so much more than our machines. We are in a line of business that will develop massively in the coming years and there are so many exciting things to work with within Ramirent.