Ramirent SafeSolve™ 

Keep your staff safe at work

There’s more to safety than preventing falls and wearing a hardhat. Ramirent SafeSolve™ offers custom-made solutions to optimise safety conditions. Let us audit your premises and suggest improvements for safer working conditions.

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Creating safety is about designing your site correctly. Building a smooth workflow where everyone knows where, when and what to do at all times. At Ramirent we are committed to support you in achieving a happier workforce, real savings and efficiency gains through improved safety. SafeSolve includes solutions for reducing risks associated with working at heights, dust, noise, lifting, vibration, and more.

Safety benefits with Ramirent

  • Fall prevention and protection
  • Prevention of injuries due to dust, noise, lifting, vibration
  • Training in safe use of equipment
  • A project dedicated Ramirent expert
  • High quality and well-maintained equipment
  • Evaluation with result reporting
  • Safe planning of your power supply

Are you preventing injuries at work?

Better safe than sorry

Ramirent cares about both people and equipment. What’s your cost today, due to inadequate security, in terms of accidents, injuries, delays and shutdowns? One thing is certain, safe and sound employees get more work done.

Knowledge is key to safety

At Ramirent only certified people do installations and other safety critical tasks. Through education and training we support you to make sure there is no space for misuse.

Promoting safety is being a good employer

In each industry word get around fast about which employers provide safe working conditions and who you should avoid. In our world safety is a long-term investment that makes you stand out as an employer and attract the best crew. Safety is all about thinking long term and being one step ahead to avoid injuries and accidents.

Saving energy and the environment

At Ramirent we are committed to a sustainable development and we listen to our customers’ needs for eco-efficient solutions. For your SafeSolve solutions we provide a value chain of green services – from energy efficient equipment to logistics with a minimum of transports. Ask us about Ramirent EcoSolve™ and we will tell you more.

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Ramirent provides a broad product portfolio of high quality rental equipment and services to improve safety in your operations. Together we pick and choose the best combination that meets the needs of your project.

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  • Railing
  • Safety nets
  • Harnesses
  • Person lifts
  • Scaffolding
  • Work surfaces
  • Central vacuum cleaning systems
  • Dust proof doors
  • Underpressurising equipment
  • Dust separators
  • Cleaning machines
  • Pressure difference monitoring equipment
  • Traffic management – Access control equipment for registering persons moving on the site


  • Fall Prevention Planning
  • Equipment selection
  • Equipment delivery and installation
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Installation documents
  • Technical support during use
  • Dust Control Need Analysis
  • CAD-planning
  • Dismantling of equipment at the end of project


Simplify your business in four steps

Needs analysis

Early in the project we start working closely together to customise the solution for your particular requirements. We choose the equipment and services that best combine efficiency with long-term cost control. You can enhance the solution with features such as Eco-efficiency or Safety. Before we sign a contract we review all details in the proposal together.


When and where do you want us to be? You can trust Ramirent to execute all parts of the solution. We deliver and mount your equipment on time and provide the agreed services.


During operations we support you with regular check-ups and necessary training for your staff. A project dedicated Ramirent expert is available to advice you and manage changes in equipment needs to keep your project running as planned and avoid costly downtime. Finally, we do not only deliver but also remove our equipment on time, leaving the site safe and clean for future use.


Every project is a learning process. Our experts will give you a total review of metrics, used equipment and services and together evaluate your project so that you will be even better prepared for your next challenge.

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