Ramirent EcoSolve™

Saving energy and environment

At Ramirent we are committed to supporting a sustainable development and encourage our customers and suppliers to do the same. Ramirent EcoSolve™ enhances its solutions with selected features of eco-efficiency.

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Already by renting your equipment, you have made an ecological choice. Ramirent EcoSolve™ provides solutions to save not only the environment but also money in your pocket. It helps to improve energy efficiency through the use of eco-efficient equipment and also includes solutions for reducing waste of energy and unnecessary exhaust. How the machinery is used makes a big difference for its energy efficiency.

Be eco-efficient with Ramirent

  • Creating sustainable improvements and supporting your brand
  • High quality equipment
  • Cost and energy saving benefits
  • A project dedicated Ramirent expert
  • Evaluation with transparent metrics
  • High levels of installation efficiency
  • Well-maintained equipment
  • Evaluation with result reporting

Renting is a green choice

Get your eco planning right from the start

Working with Ramirent improves your eco-efficient working process. Smart design and access planning of your site, with no wasted space, less mounting, minimum energy consumption and minimum of logistics will help to reduce emissions and improve your carbon footprint.

We’ll choose the best products for you

More and more products are available in an eco-version. When it comes to equipment, customers don’t have to worry about being green. Our purchasing process will support you to operate with maximum safety and minimum ecological footprint. You don’t have to think about choosing the products, we’ll make the suggestions for you.

Are you on top of your energy costs?

Your power supply is expensive, as well as poor network planning. By focusing on the details; like using timers, LED-lamps, sensors and correct cabling you can reduce your energy consumption and environmental impact while saving money. A good idea is to assess all critical aspects from the start.

A good choice also for your business

A green business mind set is good not only for the environment and a sustainable development. It is also good for your profitability. To demonstrate a long-term, energy-efficient and environmentally smart approach is a wise move to strengthen your credibility and increase the attraction to your brand and organisation.

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Ramirent provides a broad product portfolio of high quality rental equipment and services to make your operations more eco-efficient. Together we pick and choose the best combination that meets the needs of your project.

Equipment and services

Standard modules can be upgraded with Ramirent EcoSolve™ which may among other things, include the following improvements:

  • Regulated heating controls
  • Water-saving taps 
  • Door closer 
  • Switching to energy-saving light sources 
  • Balanced ventilation 
  • Heat pump 
  • Moisture-controlled drying module in temporary eating/changing rooms

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Simplify your business in four steps

Needs analysis

Early in the project we start working closely together to customise the solution for your particular requirements. We choose the equipment and services that best combine efficiency with long-term cost control. You can enhance the solution with features such as Eco-efficiency or Safety. Before we sign a contract we review all details in the proposal together.


When and where do you want us to be? You can trust Ramirent to execute all parts of the solution. We deliver and mount your equipment on time and provide the agreed services.


During operations we support you with regular check-ups and necessary training for your staff. A project dedicated Ramirent expert is available to advice you and manage changes in equipment needs to keep your project running as planned and avoid costly downtime. Finally, we do not only deliver but also remove our equipment on time, leaving the site safe and clean for future use.


Every project is a learning process. Our experts will give you a total review of metrics, used equipment and services and together evaluate your project so that you will be even better prepared for your next challenge.

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