Ramirent ClimateSolve™

Dry and proper temperature at all times

Efficient temperature and moisture control can result in longer life for your operating equipment, higher productivity, and less downtime. With Ramirent ClimateSolve™ you can earn big savings in heating and drying costs and secure business continuity and stability.

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Bad weather can cause damage, delays and budget overruns if you don’t have satisfactory weather protection. Keeping your operations and people at right temperatures and humidity levels is key for your project’s success and profitability.

Climate control with Ramirent

  • Keeping your project and people at right temperatures and humidity at all times
  • Protecting your workers and the property of your client to avoid costly mistakes
  • A project dedicated Ramirent expert
  • High quality equipment and technical services
  • Providing business continuity and stability
  • Cost and energy saving benefits
  • 24/7 support
  • High levels of installation efficiency
  • Well-maintained equipment
  • Proven on site processes that enhance safety
  • Proven record of on-time delivery
  • Evaluation with result reporting

Are you climate proof?

Are you on top of your heating and drying costs?

What is the cost of a lost working day due to bad weather? Or unmanaged drying of concrete following a scheduled progress? Too much if you ask us at Ramirent. Time and money are also critical factors for regulating air humidity levels in reconditioning of buildings and other projects. Call us and let’s meet to discuss your situation.

Keep the bad weather out

Cold weather, snow, rain and wind can be the difference between being on schedule or over budget. For this reason we also offer outer shell protection to keep the bad weather out. We offer our customers tailored heating, drying and roof over roof solutions that enable work to continue regardless of the weather conditions.

Efficient dust handling

In an open space concrete dust and other building dust can reach up to 10 meters. It may contain toxic substances that can cause allergies, lung-problems, cancer and other illnesses. All larger machines for drilling, cutting and grinding that you rent from Ramirent can be equipped with accessories that suck up the dust or bind it with water. This way up to 99% per cent of the harmful dust can be eliminated.

Saving energy and the environment

At Ramirent we are committed to a sustainable development and we listen to our customers’ needs for energy efficient solutions. Already renting instead of buying your equipment is a green choice. With Ramirent you can choose from energy efficient equipment, green fuel and services that will help you reduce the environmental impact of your operations. Ask us about Ramirent EcoSolve™ and we will tell you more.

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Our solution is ideal for all types of operations requiring temporary heating or temperature control, for example various tented events, winter construction work, façade construction sites, shipyards and other industrial locations.

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  • Heaters, blowers, dehumidifiers 
  • Humidifiers, de-icers 
  • Steam generators, weather covers 
  • Heat centres and heat exchangers 
  • Oil and gas containers 
  • Rami smart tower and sensors for moisture and temperature measurements


  • Planning 
  • Delivery and installation of equipment 
  • Maintenance during use, e.g. refueling 
  • Temperature and moisture measurements and remote control (by customer) 
  • Measurements for ensuring readiness for surface treatment 
  • Training 
  • Dismantling of equipment at the end of project


Simplify your business in four steps

Needs analysis

Early in the project we start working closely together to customise the solution for your particular requirements. We choose the equipment and services that best combine efficiency with long-term cost control. You can enhance the solution with features such as Eco-efficiency or Safety. Before we sign a contract we review all details in the proposal together.


When and where do you want us to be? You can trust Ramirent to execute all parts of the solution. We deliver and mount your equipment on time and provide the agreed services.


During operations we support you with regular check-ups and necessary training for your staff. A project dedicated Ramirent expert is available to advice you and manage changes in equipment needs to keep your project running as planned and avoid costly downtime. Finally, we do not only deliver but also remove our equipment on time, leaving the site safe and clean for future use.


Every project is a learning process. Our experts will give you a total review of metrics, used equipment and services and together evaluate your project so that you will be even better prepared for your next challenge.

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