Pay less if something breaks

With the Risk protection service you reduce your cost in case the rented equipment is damaged. The Risk protection service is a simple, affordable and smart way to protect yourself from the unforeseen. Ramirent offers a plan to provide you with added protection for the most common problems. Our staff will advise you on the Rental insurance fee and associated deductibles for each rental product.

Here’s how it works:
• damage to the rented equipment during transportation or loading
• damage to the rented equipment due to equipment falling down or over
• damage due to fire
• damage due to rented equipment getting crushed under a falling object

Examples of circumstances not covered by Rental insurance:
• cases of theft, fraud or other criminal misconduct
• carelessness or malpractice, or wilfully damaged items
• costs for cleaning rented equipment

Case examples:

A Minitrac that I had rented was destroyed when a fire occurred during the construction of a garage. It would have cost EUR 14,000 to buy a new Minitrac, but thanks to the  Risk protection service, my share of this expense was only EUR 1,000.

Mats, 41, home decorator

A brick hod fell into a compressor that I had rented for use on a worksite, causing damage to the compressor that cost EUR 1,900 to repair. Fortunately, I had limited my risk to EUR 300 with the damage waiver.

Mikko, 34, construction engineer

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