Fleet outsourcing

Ramirent has what it takes to solve it

We offer you the opportunity to outsource your equipment and machinery management activities, enabling you to focus time and resources on your core business and release capital tied in equipment for your core operations. There are many benefits from renting your equipment instead of owning it. Ramirent has a long track record of taking on large machinery fleets and providing just-in-time equipment rental services to its customers that have switched from owning to renting.

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Argument for outsourcing your machinery fleet to a rental partner

  • Inefficiency as fleet management is a non-core activity.
  • Fleet management system support typically don’t measure up to standards without significant investments.
  • Cyclical swings and seasonality is evened out using an external partner through fleet availability guaranties and flexible rental periods.
  • Availability for efficient and modern equipment through external sourcing.
  • According to customers’ own calculations the cost savings by using Ramirent as an external supplier compared to managing an in-house fleet stock is estimated to around 15-20 %.

Ramirent outsourcing customer references

Construction industry:

NCC (Sweden 2004), Veidekke (Norway 2002), Lemminkäinen (2009), Selvaagbygg (2010), AF-Gruppen

Non-construction related industries:

STX Korean shipyard (before AKER yards)

UPM (paper & pulp industry)

Yara (agriculture)

Fortum (power)

Finnair (Aviation)


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