Outlook for 2017

RAMIRENT’s guidance for 2017

In 2017, Ramirent’s comparable EBITA is expected to increase from the level in 2016.


Ramirent’s market outlook is based on the available forecasts disclosed by local construction and industry associations in its operating countries.

In 2017, Nordic equipment rental market is expected to grow by approximately 2%. In Finland, market conditions are expected to remain favorable supported by growing new residential construction and large non-residential construction projects. In Sweden, high activity in the construction sector is expected to drive demand for rental and related services throughout the country. The Danish and Norwegian equipment rental markets are estimated to remain fairly stable or grow slightly. In the Baltics, the market situation remains mixed, with challenging market conditions in Latvia, while activity is expected to improve in Estonia and Lithuania. In Fortrent markets, in Russia and Ukraine, countries are in the early stages of an economic recovery which is likely to start supporting construction and equipment rental. In Poland and Slovakia, the equipment rental markets are supported by new project start-ups both in the construction and industrial sector. Market outlook
is more subdued in the Czech Republic due to low activity in the construction market.

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