Ramirent as an investment

Strong market position
Ramirent is one of the leading companies in its field in all its operating countries. Ramirent's strategy has been to enlarge its customer base and maintain a balanced geographical market portfolio while maintaining good profitability. Local leadership is a key driver for profitability and Ramirent aims to have this position in every market that it pursues.

Profitable growth
Ramirent aims for capital-efficient profitable growth in its core business. The stability of business operations has been increased by expanding the customer base and developing the product portfolio to a true one-stop-shop offering. Ramirent's stable continuous growth in the Nordic countries has enabled the rapid expansion in the fast growing markets in Eastern and Central Europe.

Strong balance sheet
Ramirent's target is to have a strong financial position that provides financial stability, relatively independently of the economic cycles and external financing possibilities, and to take active part in the consolidation of the industry.

Dividend policy
Ramirent's target for the dividend payout is above 50 per cent of the annual net profit.

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