Investor Relations Principles

The main objective of Ramirent’s Investor Relations is to support the correct valuation of Ramirent’s share by providing information related to Ramirent operations and operating environment, strategy, objectives and financial situation so that capital market participants can form a balanced view of Ramirent as an investment.

Ramirent pursues an open, adequate and up-to-date disclosure practice. Our aim is to provide correct and consistent information regularly and impartially to all market participants. Ramirent’s Investor Relations function is responsible for investor communications in cooperation with Corporate Communications. In addition to financial reports and the investor website, Ramirent’s investor communications include investor meetings and seminars in which Ramirent’s top executives and IR function actively participate.


Ramirent publishes a company calendar for each year listing the dates on which the company discloses its interim financial reports and date of the annual general meeting.

Ramirent observes a silent period of 30 days prior to the announcement of financial reports to prevent divulging financial information and to ensure equality. During this period Ramirent’s top management refrains from making any contacts or comments to investors, analysts and the media about the company’s business prospects, financial results, or future prospects. If an incident that arises during a silent period is subject to timely disclosure, Ramirent will, however, as soon as possible disclose the information according to the disclosure regulations and may comment that particular matter.

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