Group Executive Management Team

Tapio Kolunsarka

President and CEO
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Pierre Brorsson

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) 

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Ulrika Dunker

Executive Vice President, Human Resources

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Dino Leistenschneider

Executive Vice President, Fleet and Sourcing
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Jonas Söderkvist

Executive Vice President, Sweden and Denmark

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Øyvind Emblem

Executive Vice President, Norway

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Heiki Onton

Executive Vice President, Baltics and Europe Central

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Mikael Kämpe

Executive Vice President, Finland

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The CEO and other members designated by the Board form Ramirent EMT. The EMT assists the CEO in preparation of matters such as business plans, strategies, Ramirent policies and other matters of joint importance within Ramirent as requested by the CEO. EMT will convene when called by the CEO.

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