Articles of Association

1 § Business name
The company’s business name is Ramirent Oyj in Finnish and Ramirent Plc in English.

2 § Domicile
The company’s domicile is Helsinki.

3 § Business area
The company business area is the importing, renting, and sales and marketing of different kinds of machinery, equipment and supplies used in construction and building maintenance. Construction and maintenance include installation, designing, consultation and other services, as well as contracting. The company may engage in its business operations directly or through its subsidiaries. The company may also own and control land and buildins related to its operations, shares and participations.

4 § Book-entry securities system
The company’s shares are included in the book-entry system.

5 § Board of Directors
The company has a Board of Directors consisting of at least three and at most eight members, whose terms will expire at the end of the Annual General Meeting which next follows the meeting at which they were elected.

The Board of Directors shall elect a Chairman from its midst and a deputy Chairman, if necessary.

6 § Managing Director
The Board of Directors shall elect the Managing Director, and if necessary, a subsitute for the Managing Director.

7 § Right of representation
The Managing Director alone, and two members of the Board of Directors jointly, have the right to represent the company.

The Board of Directors may entitle named persons to represent the company two jointly or each separately together with a member of the Board of Directors.

8 § Proxies
The Board shall decide on the appointing of proxies.

9 § Auditors
The company shall have at least one auditor and at most two auditors. All auditors must be firms of auditors by the Finnish Central Chamber of Commerce. The auditors’ term shall terminate at the end of the Annual General Meeting that next follows their election.

10 § Notice of a General Meetings
A notice of a General Meeting shall be delivered to shareholders no earlier than two months and no later than three weeks prior to the General Meeting, however, at least nine days prior to the record date of the General Meeting by publishing the notice on the company's Internet pages and, if the company's Board of Directors so decides, in one or several national newspapers.

To have the right to attend a General Meeting, shareholders shall register with the company no later than on the date stated in the notice of the meeting, which date may not be earlier than ten days prior to the meeting.

11 § Annual General Meeting
An Annual General Meeting must be held in Helsinki, Espoo or Vantaa by the month of June at the latest, on a date determined by the Board of Directors.

At the meeting the following matters will be:

1 the financial statements, comprising the consolidated financial statements and the Board of Director’s report;
2 the auditors’ report,

3 the acceptance of the financial statements;
4 the disposal of profit disclosed in the balance sheet;
5 the discharge from liability of the members of the Board and the Managing Director;
6 the remuneration, if any, of the Board members and the grounds for compensation of travel expenses;
7 the number of Board members and auditors,

8 the members of the Board;
9 the auditors

12 § Accounting period
The company’s accounting period is the calendar year.

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