Retail and service

In the Services and Retail customer segments Ramirent targets different service providers including facility maintenance companies, cleaning companies, shopping malls taking care of their warehouse and project type event arrangements, such as festivals, sports events and trade shows.

Ramirent has a broad offering of equipment for facility management including lifts, access platforms as well as light and heavy machinery.
We also provide products to match urgent needs in drying, heating, pumping or electricity with 24/7 service availability.

For events

Ramirent can match the festival and event organiser’s short term need of clean and high quality equipment. Ramirent also provides power, containers, warehouses and offices, tents and weather covers, security fences, air conditioning, lifts, seating and various constructions suited for events. End-to-end solutions from planning, delivering, installing and after-care in the agreed schedule.

Project coordination and planning to meet the requirements before the event as well as 24/7 service availability throughout the event and flexibility to support event organizer in any part of the country.


Swedish rally
Pori Jazz

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