Setting up power plants cost-efficiently

We have the experience and the competence
Ramirent has long experience in setting up power plant construction sites and help carry out periodical maintenance on schedule in already working power plants.

We are a complete supplier
We have all you need to set up the site. When you need to build a road to the site, dig and cast the bedplate, and lift components, and when your staff needs facilities for changing, managing work and taking a well-earned break– we can solve it!

Just-on-time operation
Ramirent focuses on safe, skilful and just-on-time operation so that erection of scaffolding, for example, is executed so that the maintenance crew can get started immediately and perform their work on schedule. We transport, mount, inspect and deliver a turnkey worksite with everything you need for the construction process.

We are near you
Ramirent has more than 400 rental outlets – we are sure to be close to your project.


For more local references go to our local country websites

olkiluoto.jpg : 22Kb

Olkiluoto powerplant, Finland

vestas_logo.jpg : 21Kb

Vestas, Sweden:
Hörby-Östra Sallerup, Svalöv-Halmstadgården, Tranås-Oberga, Strömsund-Betåsberget, Kävlinge-Södervidinge, Borgholm-Räpplinge, Mjölby-Wallagård, Svedala-Skabersjö, Stavhälla-Blomsterhult

kenersys_logo.jpg : 15Kb

Kenersys GMBH, Sweden

ge_energy_logo_.jpg : 22Kb

GE Energy GMBH, Sweden

ramirent_4__240x250_.jpg : 37Kb

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