Setting up a safe and ecoefficient construction site

We have the experience and the competence

The construction industry is where we started and it’s the industry we know best. We know what it takes to carry out an extensive project and finish on schedule.

We are a complete supplier

We have all you need to set up the site. When you need to construct a road to the building site, dig and cast the bedplate, and lift components, and when your staff needs facilities for office work, tool storage or taking a well-earned break– we can solve it!

We get your construction site ready to build

We transport, mount, inspect and deliver a turnkey worksite with everything you need to start construction.

We are near you

Ramirent has more than 400 customer centres – we are sure to be close to your project.

We have the resources

Ramirent is one of the largest companies in Europe in the machinery rental industry. We have just what you need!


For more local references go to our local country websites

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Multiple projects in Denmark

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Multiple projects in Finland

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Multiple construction projects in the Nordic countries

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Multiple construction projects in Norway

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Multiple construction projects in Norway

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