Invoicing address

Ramirent Plc handles all vendor invoices electronically. We have outsourced the invoice receiving and scanning to Basware Plc. Our goal of reducing amount of paper invoices is to optimize our operations by expediting the vendor invoice handling and to act more environmentally friendly.

Our operator to receive e-invoices is Basware. Our EDI code is
Ramirent Oyj

If you do not have the possibility to send e-invoices, invoices can be alternatively sent to the following email address:

or by mail to:
Ramirent Plc
P.O. BOX 506

Please note that only invoices and invoice related material should be sent to this e-mail address.

Other post will still need to be sent to our postal address or by e-mail to

Invoices must include as a reference the name of the Ramirent person who made the order as well as cost center and project number if known. Using the reference will speed up processing the invoices.

Invoices with insufficient or incorrect references will be sent back to the recipient.

More information about electronic handling of vendor invoices can be received by e-mailing to the
following address:

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