Community involvement and sponsorhip

Ramirent encourages its units and personnel to participate in community programs promoting the common good on the condition that there are no connections to political parties, personal election campaigns or organisations which take political stands.

As a company, Ramirent never takes a position in political issues, supports no political parties nor does it give economic support to political activities.

In sports, we primarily sponsor individual events and on-going competitive organisations. When it comes to sponsoring individual athletes we are restrictive. When it comes to culture, the service in return can for example consist of letting cultural personalities teach our staff in topics such as sending a message, body language and the like.

Ramirent encourages its units to support student activities related to Ramirent business operations. The focus of the studies can be related to environmental friendliness, Eastern Europe, safety training, equipment and machinery as well as construction or construction method related areas.

Our sponsorship policy is to primarily support programs related to sports, culture and environmental protection. Ramirent does not sponsor activities which support political activity, violence, religious groups, alcohol and drugs.

For us, sponsorship is about marketing – a business-type, mutual exchange between two or more parties where the purpose of a sponsorship project is for the company to receive an economic benefit from its engagement. One fundamental principle is that we require something in return, partly in order for the sponsorship project to be a mutual undertaking and partly in order for the investment, from a tax perspective, not to be considered a gift. Written contracts shall always be drawn up for sponsorship projects. We see it as a good principle to balance various sponsorship projects so that many enterprises can be accommodated.

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