We engage daily with thousands of people in numerous local communities. We work closely with our main stakeholder groups, listening and developing our operations according to their needs and feedback.

Stakeholder group

Collaboration and dialogue in 2016


We serve more than 150,000 customers in 290 customer centers in 10 countries.

  • Continuous dialogue in rental and solution services
  • Training in safe use of the equipment
  • Continuous Net Promoter Score (NPS) -based customer satisfaction measurement
  • Customer seminars and safety events. Sustainability week at customer centers in Sweden


Competent and motivated personnel is a key asset for us. We employ 2,686 people.

  • Regular performance discussions
  • Daily dialogue in teams
  • Continuous safety dialogue and management
  • Trainings and competence development
  • Regular personnel survey Rami Ear
  • Virtual Dialogue with new CEO
  • RamiDays organized on country level and a group level Management Day Conference

Investors and shareholders

Our long-term target is to pay out at least 40% of the net profit as dividends. We ensure compliance with corporate governance and risk management principles in all our operations.

  • New Short-term Key Priorities to improve profitability in 2017
  • Meeting with investors and analysts regularly
  • Serving target groups through digital channels
  • Comply with the Finnish Corporate Governance Code set by the Securities Market Association, as well as with the Finnish Companies Act, other applicable legislation, and Ramirent’s Articles of Association.


We choose equipment and machinery suppliers among recognized and leading brands.

  • Supplier evaluations and audits to improve supplier relationship management and enable dialogue
  • Improving the products together with strategic suppliers
  • Induction e-learning materials also to suppliers’ use

Local communities

We are a neighbor in almost 300 local communities.

  • Continuous cooperation with local authorities, decision-makers, and governmental organizations
  • Providing thesis work opportunities to students
  • Management trainee program to grow young talents for appointment to key management positions within Ramirent.
  • Ramirent took on an asylum seeker trainee

Industrial associations

We develop the equipment rental industry to a more sustainable direction.

Active member of the European Rental Association (ERA) and its committee work. Ramirent has the chairman position of the ERA Sustainability Committee.


Serving the media openly and in line with the laws and regulations that govern publicly listed companies.

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