Code of Conduct

Ramirent’s Code of Conduct supports Ramirent’s sustainability and success, and provides us and our stakeholders with commonly accepted guidelines. Our code of Conduct creates a uniform foundation for all business transactions and work assignments. Code of Conduct describes our company culture, common accepted practices, and our commitment to compliance with laws and regulations. The Code is applicable to all Ramirent employees, directors, subcontractors and suppliers working with the Ramirent Group.

Our relationship with co-workers

  • Equal opportunities and non-discrimination
  • Human rights
  • Occupational well-being and safety
  • Side occupations

Our relationship with customers, suppliers and cooperation partners

  • Rejection of corruption and bribery
  • Fair competition and compliance with anti-trust legislation
  • Confidential and inside information
  • Financial integrity
  • IT security

Protection of the environment and safety

Sponsorship and community involvement

our Code of Conduct is a fundamental basis for everything we do.

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