Key building blocks of the Capital Efficient Profitable Growth in the Core strategy

Ramirent aims to focus on capital efficient profitable growth in its core business – general equipment rental and related services.

The objective of the Group strategy for 2018-2020 is to drive further profitability improvement by having a disciplined focus on profitable businesses, performance management, process excellence, capital efficiency and people leadership.

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Winning in the small and medium-sized business sector
Our share among small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) is still below our average and we aim to win in this sector by further improving our customer experience and availability.

Becoming the large customer’s supplier of choice
We want to further strengthen our strong position and become the large customers’ supplier of choice by providing advanced total solutions that improve safety, productivity and sustainability in construction and other industries. Ramirent has a market-leading offering in what it takes to help construction businesses improve their productivity.

Building the industry’s best performing supply chain
We will make a step-change improvement in our availability, delivery accuracy and supply chainefficiency by 2020 by developing and digitizing our processes. There is sizable untapped potential in our supply chain management.

Tightening performance management of low-performing units
We will strive to have no units nor customer centers delivering below 10% EBIT by 2020 and implement clear performance management standards in the company.

Growing capital efficiently
We will seek above-average growth rates in capital-light product categories and raise our capital efficiency through supply chain improvements and by optimizing the replacement investments. We aim to grow min. 2% p.a. before the effect of growth investments.

Becoming a great place to work by focusing on leadership and safety
To raise our performance and pursue the updated strategy and financial targets, we want to create a great place to work by developing the Ramirent leadership culture and our safety standards to be top-quartile by 2020.

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