The Rami man

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The Rami-character is the Ramirent company symbol.

The Rami character started his adventures in the company’s printed materials at the end of the 1960’s. Rami’s name stems from the Finnish word “rakennusmies” which translated means construction man. Back then, our hero Rami was just a slender straw man and quite a serious fellow. As the company has evolved also the Rami character has been adjusted respecting tradition but bringing new energy, freshness and attitude that reflect a stronger and more unified brand.

Refreshed Rami-character in 2010

Today the Rami-spirit which is embodied by the Rami-character has been documented in our brand story in 2010 as the result of a brand development process that started in 2009. Our Rami-character captures the ambition of Ramirent living the brand as a progressive and forward-moving problem solver, shaping the equipment rental industry. In addition, throughout our history this fellow has been uniting this multicultural organization by communicating an engaged, collaborative and solutions-oriented partner and has become a constant element in all Ramirent matters as well as in spirit.

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