Our brand

Ramirent - More than Machines TM

Rental is the core of Ramirent’s business, but it is our people that make the difference. Starting out as a metal nail shop and learning our trade within the construction sector, we have grown  into a knowledge-driven company that serves multiple industry sectors. With more than sixty years in the business, we have knowledge few can match. Our experience from different industries, combined with extensive understanding of rental machinery usage and service, helps us to proactively solve problems and create customer value. This has made us one of the leading rental solutions companies in Europe.

At Ramirent, we offer one of Europe’s broadest equipment fleets featuring high performance,  safety and eco-efficiency. Yet, you could say that our most valuable asset is the competence, drive and positive attitude of our people. The key to success is in our customer-first approach. We are problem solvers with a goal to simplify business by delivering Dynamic Rental Solutions™. Dynamic means that each solution is tailored to fit the customer need – big or small.

Because we care about the future, we are leading the rental industry into a more sustainable business. Renting releases enterprise resources, and sharing of equipment among several users  helps to reduce environmental load.

We aim to be the thought leader of our industry. By continually investing in education of our employees, we have the know-how to help our customers achieve their goals.

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