Company values

To deliver upon our ambition and strategy going forward, we have defined three common company values that reflect the spirit and approach in how we deliver our promise.

Our core values – Open, Progressive and Engaged – describe who we are and how we want to be perceived. They signal what our company represents now and will continue to aim for in the future. Our success depends on how well we are able to live up to our core values.

They help us recruit, develop and motivate the right people and bring meaning to our work, beyond merely making a living. Properly used, they guide all company activities, as a checklist that can be referred to when questioning β€œis this in line with our values or not?”


To be trustworthy, we must be open-minded and transparent to each other, our customers and our company. We are easy to reach, access and cooperate with. We are curious and knowledge-driven, sharing learnings and insights between ourselves and with our customers.


We are forward-moving, innovative and creative, applying experience and competence to meet new trends and needs on the market. We strive to be ahead of the competition. We believe in continuous improvement to influence and shape our business as pioneers.


We are active problem solvers with energy and passion that inspire people. We have a dynamic, entrepreneurial team spirit. We are committed, caring and professional all the way from assignment to solution.

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